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Combined Resources International, now formally known as CRI Global, LLC, was created in 1995 and is based in San Diego.  Our roots are firmly planted in the Warehouse Club industry, with our founders and current partners having been a part of Price Club, Costco and PriceSmart enterprises.  Our collection of products started with Picture Frames, then Cork/Dry Erase Message Boards from the factory we built in Mexico.  As we grew, our products became more eclectic, ranging from Gel Pens/Edgers/Photo Albums to Outdoor Recreation – LightSpeed Outdoors – to Patio Furniture and Vanities – Mission Hills Furniture supplying the warehouse club, both in store and online. 


In addition to these business units, the well-known brand ECR4Kids is part of our family of companies. Inspired in 1984, evolving concepts throughout the 90’s and refined with its launch in 2003, ECR4Kids is a leading developer and distributor of furniture and equipment to Pre-K/Nursery/Daycare and Elementary Schools throughout the USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and China. We support distribution to both a wholesale community of School “Dealers” that concentrate on the public and private school sector as well as retail customers on major retail websites, such as Amazon, Costco, Sam’s Club, Wayfair, eBay, Google, Target, Walmart in both the USA and Canada.


Over 25 years, we have truly “Combined Resources” from around the globe with an accumulation of outstanding employees, customers, contractors, factories and logistics spanning from East Asia (China/Taiwan/Vietnam/Philippines/Korea) to North America (USA/Canada/Mexico) to Europe (UK/France/Spain/Germany) to the Middle East (Israel).